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Michael E. Kulp LTAA Student Scholarship


        LTAA would like to announce the LTAA Student Scholarship, in memory of Michael E. Kulp, for deserving High School seniors who have previously participated in LTAA sports.  The LTAA Student Scholarship is solely funded by the recycled metal donations from LTAA volunteers, family, and friends.

        Donations can be made dropped off at the Treichlers Fieldhouse on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at the monthly meetings at 8:30PM or by calling David Kordalski at 484-632-9926.



Lehigh Township Athletic Association

Student Scholarship


The Lehigh Township Athletic Association Scholarship is a graduation gift of $250.00 funded by the metal recycling fund.  The Scholarship will be given to a deserving graduating high school senior who has participated in LTAA sports.


Established in 2014, the purposes of the LTAA Scholarship are:

-To promote interest in LTAA sports, and

-To recognize the efforts of a graduating senior who has previously played sports for LTAA.


The recipient of the LTAA Scholarship will be selected using the following guidelines:

-Scholarship applications will be available after January 1. 

-Applications will be available upon request from the Board of Directors.

-Applications will be due to the Ethics Review Board Committee and must be postmarked no later than April1. 

-Mailed copies should be sent to the address below.


     After April 1, the Ethics Review Board Committee will meet to select the recipient.  The selection will be based on years of service, a demonstrated interest in sports, a coach recommendation, and academic excellence. The recipient will be notified of the award in time for graduation and will be invited to receive the award at the Spring Sports Opening Day.


     Mail completed Form to:


Ethics Review Board Committee

PO Box 733

Cherryville, PA  18035

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