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Angels ( Instructional ) for ages 5 &6 (first time players through the age of 7)

This program is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of softball and to get young girls involved in the sport.  There are some games in the local area.


Parkland Prep - 8U - cannot turn 9 before January 1st.  This level is  designed as a transitional level for 7-8 year olds. The focus is on the fundamentals of softball while introducing the players to the rules of the sport. The play progresses from coach pitch to kid pitch during the season.


10U Parkland and Lehigh Valley League Travel Teams- cannot not turn 11 before January 1st


12U Parkland and Lehigh Valley League Travel Teams- cannot turn 13 before  January 1st


14U Parkland And Lehigh Valley League Travel Teams- cannot turn 15 before January 1st


18U Parkland And Lehigh Valley League Travel Team- cannot turn 19 before January 1st


*Tournament players are not eligible to play Parkland League*


*The coordinator and coaches will determine which league to enter a team based on the skill level of the team*


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